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Custom Wheels

Building wheels carefully designed and crafted for your specific demands; this is why we are here.  So let's talk about your ideal wheel set.  First we'll listen, then we will make some recommendations based on our extensive experience.  

We maintain a large inventory and have access to some of the finest wheel components available.  The following is only a partial list of  component suppliers we use. Of course, many others are available.  


DT Swiss : Responsibly light, reliable, low maintenance, often our first choice.

Project 321 : Top performing mountain hubs, awesome colors, low maintenance. 

White Industries : Excellent quality, many colors.  We especially like their tandem hubs. 

Chris King : Nice quality bearings, great colors and finishes.

Shimano :  Not too sexy, a bit heavier than some other, but Dura Ace and XTR hubs are still a great choice for value, performance and reliability.


Knight Composites : Simply the finest rims we've ever worked with.  

HEDBelgium and Belgium Plus rims; the standard in aluminum road rims.

DT Swiss : Among our favorites for aluminum mountain rims. 

Enve Composites : Leading manufacture of carbon road and mountain rims.

Astral : Nice new line of rims from the folks at Rolf Prima. 

KappiusThoughtfully designed disc only rims.

Nox Composites : Carbon rims with options for high spoke counts and other unique offerings.


DT Swiss Aerolite : Extremely light, highly reliable spokes with great strain relief.

DT Swiss Competition:  Excellent quality round, double butted spokes. 

Sapim CX-Ray

Wheelsmith DB14 : Pronounced butting and excellent finish make this a favorite for classic rebuilds.

Premium anodized alloy nipples Lilly's Precision Products Jet Bicycle Wheels
Spoke Tensiometers Jet Bicycle Wheels
Kappius KR-RC carbon road disc rims DT 240 CLD hubs Jet Bicycle Wheels
Rotor Revolver front hub Jet Bicycle Wheels
Wire tied and soldered DT Aerolite spokes
White Industries Tandem rear hub Jet Bicycle Wheels
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