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Jet Bicycle Wheels is a product of compulsion and fate.  Try as I might, I can't get over my fascination with bicycle wheels.  They have been a constant preoccupation of my adult life, and it's time to do something about that.  I built my first wheel in 1984, and have built thousands since, each one better than the last.  I assure you, the next will surpass them all.  Jet Bicycle Wheels scratches my itch, and I hope I can help you scratch yours. 

Charles Wells

Wheel Bulider


Right Hand Man


Four fingers and an opposable thumb.  Talented, experienced, patient.   

Spoke Tensiometers Jet Bicycle Wheels

Head of QC


We couldn't do our work without them.  Tensiometers provide sight where we would otherwise be blind.  

Wire tie and solder tools Jet Bicycle Wheels

VP of Branding


Takes a hot set of wheels and makes them hotter still. 

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