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Curated: selected, organized, and presented, typically using professional or expert knowledge.

Jet Bicycle Wheels' curated selections feature all of the quality of our custom builds.  Curated wheels represent our most popular configurations in various wheel categories.  They are produced using the same careful process, and built with no less care than our custom orders.  

Because our curated selections make up our best selling wheels, we can buy their component parts in greater quantities at lower prices.  Likewise, we can fill any downtime between custom orders in producing our curated selections, thus maximizing our efficiency.  As a result, these wheels represent some of the best values we can offer.  

Knight Composites 35 TLA tubeless disc DT 240 CLD Jet Bicycle Wheels
DT 240 CLD wire tied and soldered Jet Bicycle Wheels

Curated wheels typically feature cross lacing on both front and rear wheels.  While we don't object to radial lacing wheels, we consider it a cosmetic choice.  Cross lacing allows the load from spoke tension to spread over a greater area and so is much less likely to result in a broken hub flange; a subtle advantage, but an advantage none the less.  If you prefer a radial laced front wheel, simply request a custom build.  

Rim brake wheels are tied and soldered on the non-drive side of the rear wheel.  This practice helps reduce movement (and there by extend fatigue life) of these, the lowest tension spokes in the wheel system.  You may request full tie and solder work on any of our curated selections.  Disc brake wheels feature full tie and solder work on front and rear wheels in order to help manage the additional torsional loads to which disc wheels are subjected.  

Unless you request otherwise, your curated wheels will be finished with tubeless rim tape.  Tubeless rim tape is typically half the weight of typical snap-on rim tapes, and is less likely to migrate around or abrade an inner tube.  

Alloy rim brake wheels will be have their brake tracks cleaned (the machining process can leave loose aluminum flecks that will embed in brake pads if not removed prior to installation).  We only recommend SwissStop brand brake pads, and will include a set with your alloy rim brake wheels.  Carbon rim brake wheels will include manufacturer recommended pads.  Disc brake wheels will not include pads.   

HED Belgium C2 hand chamfered spoke hole Jet Bicycle Wheels
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