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Bicycle Maintenance

Tire Installation and Repair

Regardless of your level of experience, mounting bicycle tires is getting more challenging.  If you are riding a fairly new set of wheel, your rims, like it or not, are probably of the "tubeless compatible" variety.  Tubeless rims have taken the already challenging task of installing a tire, and in many cases made it seemingly impossible.  But fear not...


Join us for tire installation and repair. Practice mounting tires in a comfortable, relaxed and supportive environment.  Charles will demonstrate methods for installing even the most challenging tires.  You'll leave knowing that you can tackle any tire repair situation with grace and aplomb. 

We'll cover standard installation with inner tubes, as well as installation techniques for tubeless tires.  Please RSVP for this class below.  Come prepared with a wheel and tire of your own with which to practice.   

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